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Bitcoin trading is a complicated process and it is hard to know when to buy and sell. This is where bitcoin trading groups come in.

Bitcoin trading groups are a great way for new cryptocurrency traders to learn about the market, get tips from more experienced traders, and share their own insights with other traders.

What is a Bitcoin Trading Whatsapp Group and Why Should I Join One?

Introduction: What is a Bitcoin Trading Whatsapp Group?

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Benefits of Joining or Creating a Bitcoin Trading Whatsapp Group

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How to Find and Join the Right Bitcoin Whatsapp Group for Your Needs

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This is hard to give an answer for, it depends greatly on your experience, risk management and other variables such as mistakes, errors and so on. Money management is among the most important skill you can fully develop as a trader, not letting your emotions control your decisions. It’s easy to have a few wins and then put down a bigger trade which ends up loosing, then you try and recover the loss with another big trade and loose again, before you know it you’re down half your balance. In trading you can go through clusters of good and bad luck, so you have to be prepared to lose 5 times for example and not have a massive effect on both your balance and state of mind. With our signals, it’s entirely possible to make at least 10-20% per month consistently using a consistent strategy, such as risking 1-2% of your balance on each trade. You might think, only 20-30% a month that’s nothing? Well in trading this is a large amount, especially if you can do it month on month, compounding up your profit. 90% of traders lose money and they lose because they have unrealistic expectations coming into trading, expecting to make 100% a day, it just doesn’t happen like that and anyone that tells you its possibly is lying. You have to be prepared to make small and consistent results and slowly grow your balance to win in trading. Some people can stick to a 2-3% risk strategy for a few weeks or even a month but most people, in the end, want faster bigger profits and therefore take some risk trades with a larger % of their balance, only to get REKT in the end. In AlphaTradeZone we are teaching you how to stick to a strict risk management policy and show you the exact amount of money you should be risking on any of our signals as recommendation. Once you master those techniques you will be set to take the long way of consistent wins and financial freedom.


Trade calls otherwise commonly known as signals is simply a trading indicator/tip which we give you. The signal will include key pieces of information such as, the coin or asset, the entry zone we’re looking to take, the take profit zones we’re looking to secure some profit, and the stop-loss zone to protect our capital. The trading signal should be seen as an educational piece of information which you can then use and research yourself to see if you want to take the trade or no, learning to do your own analysis with trade calls will help you actually become a profitable trader. Blindly following trade calls is not always a good idea. In order to assist you in taking your decision we are providing our view on the trade outcome based on technical analysis justification with our observation on the pair.

Usually our signals take the format of: Entry Level, Take Profit levels, Stop Loss level.


Leverage trading (Sometimes referred to as Margin Trading) involves entering and essentially ‘Borrowing’ funds to increase potential returns when trading Assets. With Leverage trading, you have access to larger purchases than your actual balance. For example; if you place a trade for 10 BTC with a leverage of 10x, your position will open with the value of 100 BTC. If the market moves in your favour, you will have access to 10 times the profit! however, the losses are also magnified. Also a key benefit of the leverage trading is that it allows you to calculate the size of your trades easily based on the risk you’re willing to take on your account per trade. This is a key benefit on this type of trading. We at Ayewaken Futures Trading® are educating our premium members how to properly utilize the advantages of margin trading to magnify the profitability of our trading signals! One of the key aspects of being a member of our closed group.


There is a number of reasons that absolutely make us your preferred signals provider. Firstly, we one of the most well established channels out there, we’ve been reviewed numerous times by independent reviewers that evaluated our service and provided a lot of positive feedback. More than two years of service provided us enough experience in order to create a sustainable longterm service for our followers. We are absolutely supporting our business fulltime and we can be contacted anytime for support. Also key benefit of being our member is that we provide education from beginner to advanced level sharing key aspects of our trading strategy. We are not only spoon feeding with profitable signals but also showing you the way to do that by yourself. Complete automation of trading is another key aspect of our service, which is giving you the freedom to enjoy a hands free trading experience and leave all the hard work to our team!

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